George and Marina, Marina and George met a few years ago and passed on to each other their love for nature, travel, new adventures, Pelion, the joy of hosting and meeting new people people.

And over time, other people with new ideas came along, creating new perspectives on a vision and that was just the beginning. And that’s how the foundations were laid for this beautiful group called Villas in Pelion, which today has in it’s hug and distributes to visitors everything that could be asked for a dream vacation in our area.


Live the experience

It’s all about luxury accommodation with all the amenities and for all tastes, people who are always willing to help when needed, suggestions to feel like a local and tour to the most beautiful places, to try the most authentic flavors, to live unforgettable moments with your loved ones and finally you will come to a place where you won’t want to leave and to look for the first opportunity to come back again!
These are us and we look forward to meeting you in beautiful Pelion!

Co- Founder/ Founder of Pelion Stories/ Back- Office
Co-founder of Villas In Pelion and inspirer of Pelion Stories. She listens to you throughout your journey and takes care of everything you need so that you don’t miss anything and find everything as you expected!
Co- Founder/ Front Office
Inspirer and co-founder of Villas In Pelion. He is always there for whatever is needed and at the first acquaintance you will feel that you have known him forever!